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On to Iten

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Amy had a brief hiccup with her arrival to Nairobi delayed 2 hours but she was still able to get a brief respite at Amani Gardens before we had to leave for Eldoret. We are still a partial team. Sherri and Ken are PT’s that will join us in Iten on Wednesday.

A "snuggly" ride to the airport today.

On the road from Eldoret to Iten Amy and Tyler were introduced to the massive Kenyan speed bumps, a brief taste of Kenyan drivers, Crown Paint ads everywhere, and scaffolding made of wooden logs 5-6 stories high, (not “OSHA” approved).

We enjoyed our first “team” meal and devotions in Galatians 1. Tyler had a very practical explanation of the crisis facing the Galatian church that involved red and green tractors. He can tell you about it. He also had a “welcome to Iten” lukewarm/cold shower. Although it doesn't really count unless you have a cold shower start to finish. Everyone needs to have the full experience.

Please pray for our clinic tomorrow and our preparations for the coach/athlete workshop in Eldoret on Tuesday.

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